The Camera Never Lies

In the past I’ve been critical of the Victorian authorities, their draconian regulations, seemingly corrupt decisions and heavy handed approach to enforcement, but in their defence it’s possibly not without warrant as they have the worst collection of drivers in the country… sorry guys but it’s true. Not all Victorian tin top coffin jockeys are useless but it would appear that the majority with any ability made it up the yellow brick road to the Gold Coast.

Even when they escape the leaden skies and forego the ping-pong scores, venturing northwards they still misrepresent their origins, displaying their irrational overtaking and merging prowess, brazenly baring the VIC tags with ill informed impunity. “On the move” maybe but not with a lot of common sense.

Recently though I’ve become a tad proud of our southern brothers because they’re starting to make the right noises.

Both Victoria and South Australia have agreed to start counting work diary hours the same as we do in the warmer states. Although no date has been announced as yet the writing’s on the wall. No more sitting at Albury waiting for your log book to catch up or tippy toeing down the Hume trying to sniff out the Task Force guys before they get wind of us.

Vic P2P CamsMy second reason for pride in their efforts probably comes as old news to some but they are already running point to point speed cameras! This is news to me and probably a few others. That in itself probably isn’t a huge delight to all however they have done the sensible thing and chosen to monitor all vehicles not just trucks. Hooray for the equality. I’d be interested to see the accident stats for the bottom end of the Hume. Here’s a Google Map of Point to Point Cameras in Victoria.

Tomingley Safe-T-CamAnother discovery of mine is that they’ve taken the gas axe to the Safe-T-Cams at Tomingley, I suspect however that it’s only temporary and a new gantry is on it’s way. Tomingley and Coonabarabran must have been among the first cameras erected and the old overheads are showing signs of age.

The modern eco hikers have a saying, “Leave only footprint and take only photographs”; maybe ours should be “Leave only tyre tracks and take all the scrutiny”.