Great Whites Gen2

Almost five years ago the team at Great Whites approached me to trial their new LED driving lights. At the time LED lighting was a relatively new niche in the driving light market with few serious contenders. The original Great Whites blew me away with their solid construction, daylight like colour temperature, instant on light and the illuminating throw of light right out onto the verge. You can read my original post here.

At the time I knew they were the best lights I’d ever tried and swore I’d never put up with anything else. Five years down the track and the new Great Whites Gen2 range blows me away yet again. The new and improved LED modules used in the Gen2 range are claimed to provide a greater light output and they now have full IP69K rating. IP69K means these units can withstand a hot (80 degrees c) pressure washer among other things. They’re certified for a heap of other stuff too that I really don’t understand but can be summed up with phrases like “built like a brick shit-house”. I reckon if you bolted these to a Hi-lux the Hi-lux would fall apart first!

The new bracket arrangement is also a huge improvement over the original model with easy adjustment and an included security screw to help prevent the mischievous from unbolting the light unit from the bracket.


24 LED Gen2 Dual Bar Driving Light

Our ute sports a 24 LED Gen2 Dual Bar Driving Light and if I ever took it off I think I’d be divorced, my wife is so impressed with it. The same Great White performance with very little current draw (advertised as 9.52A @ 12 volts) and the beautiful throw of light I’ve come to expect from Great Whites.

Notice how yellow the stock lights are.

Notice how yellow the stock lights are.

The truck sports a pair of Great Whites Gen2 170 Long Distance Driving Lights which in my opinion are the best “pencil beam” lights I’ve used and if you’ve ever thought LED floods didn’t go the distance then these units well and truly fill in the holes. To be honest I’ve never felt the Great Whites lacked range, maybe that’s just the experience of those that use the cheap flea-bay lights.

Sitting up high on the bullbar are a pair of Great Whites Gen2 170, 18 LED Round Driving Lights the successor to the 18 LED Rounds I originally ran. Rich white light floods the road ahead and the verge illuminating everything.

It’s my experience that these lights produce less shadows on the roadside, that are also “softer”; making them less prone to startling wildlife into the path of my truck than traditional driving lights. Whilst I’m on the subject of wildlife I’ve had a couple of good hits to these lights and they’ve survived without a scratch unlike the flimsy plastic housings used by some of the so-called competitors.


Great Whites 7″ Insert Hi/Low Beam Headlight

But what about when you’re running the main highways where driving lights are often overkill with constantly approaching traffic or just when the lights have to be turned down… The Great Whites 7” LED Sealed Beam High/Low Headlight Insert with Park Light fills in the missing piece of the equation.

Kenworths, especially, are renowned for having piss poor headlights and that moment when you flick off the Great Whites driving lights and plunge into a miserable puddle of yellow light can be unnerving to say the least so when the team at Great Whites sent me out a pair of their 7” LED Sealed beams to try I was stoked.

Installation couldn’t be much simpler and is at about the same level as changing a headlight bulb, these units are truly plug and play. I was left with one spare wire coming out of the K200 but the multimeter indicated it was an earth lead so I taped it out of the way and the new inserts functioned just the way they were intended. For those who aren’t confident with fitting these items themselves I can’t imagine an Auto Electrician would charge much for doing the job, it’s that easy.

Sitting in the drivers seat and turning on the park lights I was initially struck by the fact that the Angel Eye style parking LED’s put out almost as much light as the OEM Kenworth low beams and as you cycle through low then high beam… well, yet again Great Whites have blown me away with the quality and functionality of their product.


Lighting up the road ahead

In my opinion, not since the big fella uttered the words “Let there be light” has the world seen such an improvement in illumination. You can see the full range of Great Whites Driving Lights on their website… and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook