Baggin’ ’em up

The first and last part of any Professional Drivers trip is often the hardest. It’s the shortest bit but for many of us the back door to truck leg can be the hardest emotionally and logistically, saying goodbye to the family and lugging your gear out takes a bit of effort…

Whilst a tissue and a dessert spoon of cement is the best solution I can offer for the emotional part I’m pleased to say I think I’ve found a panacea for some of the logistical pain thanks to Simon at


I’ve worn out a few bags over the years (not a reference to any exes) until now I’ve never been able to find a “one size fits all” solution. Bags that have enough volume are usually too long to fit where you want them to etc. Usually there’s a compromise and two or three bags are needed for different purposes (still no hidden meaning!).

This is where the Truckie Bag dons its little cape, puts its reg grundies on the outside and steps up to the challenge… A huge main compartment easily holds a weeks worth of clothes, toiletries and towel; contains a mesh pocket for smaller items to save digging around and a padded pocket that protects a laptop or tablet.

Below the main compartment and accessible from the outside is a section for dirty laundry and another for footwear. Both are lined to prevent moisture and dirt getting to your clean clothes and my size 13 boots and Surfer Joes fitted in easily.

On the sides there’s a pocket for your Work Diary, another for wallet, phone, keys etc and more pockets on the ends. It’s even got a pocket for your water bottle (or a tallie if you’re going home).

With two carry handles and a shoulder strap it’s easy to carry into the roadhouse with the bold “Truckie” logo ensuring you don’t get mistaken for a tennis pro heading to centre court.

While it’s starting to sound like a mobile wardrobe, even when full, this bad boy slips into the K200 toolbox with ease and is equally at home on the passenger floor or between the seats.

At under a hundred bucks I really can’t see why the Truckie Bag won’t be under ever drivers Christmas tree even if you drive a Volvo (sorry Jimmy)…