Vote for a Star

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… well not quite but didn’t one of the greatest stories of our age start that way? When I started this blog I never imagined that anyone would want to read it and yet I have been, and continue to be, astounded by the diverse group of people that you are. People from all backgrounds continue to read and hopefully enjoy my drivel and yet still more arrive, begging for more…

One such reader was a little lady who lives in Western Australia who took the time to send me an email. Little did I know the ramifications of that email. Not only did she become a close personal friend but she introduced me to the most important person in her life, her husband, and months later I was drawn to a point where our lives would collide and I now drive for their company, Gavin Transport.

One of the things that drew me to Gavin transport is the passion that Julie and Eamonn have for the industry. Julie’s rig is the pink Western Star that many of you would be familiar with… adorned with the icons of her sponsors, the Pink Star was born to raise awareness for the McGrath Foundation and after earning more than a half million dollars for such a worthy cause is continues to gather momentum.

“Yeah, what ever!”, it’s a pink truck and another breast cancer awareness tool but the difference is that this truck works for a living, hauling oversize loads across Australia and yet the dedication with which Julie operates means this truck is always pristine and heaven help anyone who disrespects the Pink Star.

So what’s my point? Truckin’ Life are currently inviting you and me to vote for Rig of the Year and the Pink Star is one of the contenders… should the Pink Star win then the prize money etc will be donated to the McGrath Foundation… many of you will be of the opinion that Breast Cancer receives more than enough recognition as it is and yet the women in our lives continue to die, so when does this recognition become too much?

No body knows what the solution is but a way you can help, at no cost to yourself, is to ensure that the Pink Star takes out the Rig of the Year award…

To cast your vote jump over to my “Vote for a Star” page, fill in the details and click submit to email in your vote… click here