Ready to Become an Owner Driver?

ACA LoansAfter many years behind the wheel, employee truck drivers often take stock and decide to move forward professionally. It is at this point that many of these experienced drivers make the transition from being employed by a freight company to becoming an owner driver–essentially building their own business as an independent contractor.

In any industry there can be clear benefits to functioning as an independent contractor. Working for yourself is something many dream of, and it can afford you the flexibility and autonomy you desire. As an owner driver, you utilise the very same skills used in your company employment, but with a few key differences.

Are you ready to make the move and become an owner driver? Read on to find out what to consider when making this decision.

Personal Considerations

Your personal and professional goals, family situation, and financial aims may influence your decision to become an owner driver. Ideally, these aspects should not hold you back, but should help to point you towards achieving your career objectives. Life on the road as an owner driver can necessitate an increase in work and effort on your part (you may have to work longer hours on a stricter schedule) but the results are well worth it. Spend some time and determine whether you have the passion and “drive” to make this career a reality.

The Perks and Challenges of “Being Your Own Boss”

There are different types of responsibility that go along with becoming an owner driver. Legal considerations, taxes, and insurance are all an integral part of the process, but such is true of all businesses. Handling these elements is a (sometimes mundane) necessity, but as your own boss, you’ve got complete authority in all things. Owner drivers have more opportunity to select the loads and freight distances that they prefer. This can give you much greater control over your work situation day-to-day, but can also be a challenge, as you’re a one-person operation. The responsibility falls on your shoulders. Still, with the added obligations and concerns, the freedom (and the potential for success) that being an owner driver grants cannot be denied.

Freedom of Work

As an employee truck driver you don’t often have much say in certain aspects of your work. This is not the case as an owner driver. Now you are your own boss. Dissatisfied as a contractor for one organisation? Having your own truck and equipment gives you the ability to switch to working with other companies more easily. This means you can find the situation that best suits your needs so you enjoy your work more than most.

Financing Your Goals

Making the change to becoming an owner driver allows you to choose your own equipment. Finally, you have the total freedom to haul using the trucks that you know work best for your needs and goals.

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