Nervous Breakdowns

Last week saw me step into a new truck, new to me at least and definitely newer than the one I stepped out of. I spent most of my spare time trying to stow my gear the way I like it and getting everything set up so it works for me.

The jakes were a hit and miss affair and by the end of the week I’d concluded that the micro-switch under the clutch pedal was playing up. It didn’t take the mechanic, armed with a laptop, long to figure out I was right. Now the jakes do as they’re told which makes the Toowoomba range  a much better experience although rectal tone is no longer improving.

IMG_1732This week as I ran down the Hume towards Melbourne, an injector let go. To start with I thought I’d thrown a chunk of tyre or was about to spit the jack shaft but it didn’t take long to figure out the problem was in the engine. I limped into Melbourne, using my compulsory free parking entitlement on the Western Ring road while they scrapped a hatchback off the road. It  was obviously possessed by a Jack Russell and nipped too hard at a Great Dane.

I managed to get the trailers empty before heading over to CAT. Five minutes on the laptop and sure enough the number six injector was a lemon. With only enough change, out of a grand, for a coffee , the big banger was good as new. It’s great to know your injectors are gold plated!

IMAG0311The gearbox had felt tight from the get go but progressively got worse during the first few days. I found an air leak in one of the range selector lines and after repairing that the problem diminished but something wasn’t right. After a bit more looking around I found that one of the knuckles at the gearbox end of the selector cables had gradually wound its way loose and was rubbing on the housing. I’d found the problem and the shifter’s now spot on.

So now everything’s fixed except the diff seal that started to let go last night somewhere near Goondiwindi; that can wait until next week now.