Literary surprised.

bigstockphoto ACT National Library 78533Early this week I was contacted by the National Library to see if I was happy for ‘Diary of a Truck Driver’ to be included in their archives. Initially I thought it was a spam but it turned out to be legitimate.

So now the blog is to be archived for ever in the National Library‘s Pandora project.

I must say I’m rather flattered that my inane rambling could deserve preservation for the National Interest. Obviously my scripts are considerd to be ‘of significance and to have long-term research value’. When I started ‘Diary of a Truck Driver’ it wasn’t for fame or credit just as a vent. I’m surprised every time someone subscribes, be they potential drivers or ABC correspondent but for the National Library to contact me… well.

One thing that this incident did highlight was that there was no reference to an email address to contact me so now I’ve added a contact form to the blog.