Great Whites

About five months ago the team at Great Whites approached me to try out their new LED driving lights and after clocking up around 10,000 kilometers with them mounted on the bull-bar I’m still saying “Wow!”. They’ve illuminated my path from Melbourne to Brisbane on every road you can take as well as across the Paddock to Perth and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve tried all the others over the years, even a set of Cessna landing lights at one stage but nothing is comparable to the new Great Whites.

On first inspection you’re struck by their small size, compared with the others on the market, that is until you pick one up and realise these little beauties are built to last, no flimsy plastic parts, these things are as tough as a Mallee Bull.

That’s nothing though, compared to when you first turn them on… Brilliant white light, as far as the eye can see, not that candle yellow you get from halogens and as soon as you hit the switch it’s there, no warming up like HID. The throw of light is also astounding… Where ordinary driving lights will illuminate the road ahead, the Great Whites go one step further with a broad spread that lights up the roadside beyond anything else’s reach. My experience suggests that this broad spread of light has kept the wild life sitting quietly on the verge with less flickering shadows chasing Roos out into my path.

Great Whites are obviously impressive, on numerous occasions I’ve been asked what I’m running by other drivers, the difference is that obvious. My only disappointment is when I have to turn them off!

Here’s  a video demonstration of how bright these lights are…

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