Dash Cam

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When on-line the images update every 20 seconds. The camera goes off-line when I’m parked up for a rest break, when the 3G signal is lost and when I finally make it home for a break.

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Vision Drive Great Whites Driving Lights


Q: Is that really your dash in the picture?

A: No. It’s a still image over-layed for aesthetics only and originally appeared in a K200 brochure.

Q: What sort of camera is used?

A: It’s an Axis Security IP camera which gives really good pictures day and night.

Q: Why does the camera go off-line for short periods, even though the image continues to refresh?

A: The on-line / off-line indicator compares when the image was created to the current server time. If the image is more than 40 seconds old (twice the camera upload interval) it is assumed the camera is off-line. Therefore any interuption to the upload process will result in the off-line status. This could be a slow server response or interuption to the 3G signal.

Q: When is the camera on-line?

A: Generally only when I’m on the move. If I’m on a rest break, which happen at erratic times, I turn it off to conserve ‘band-width’. It will also be off-line if I’m travelling through a no service area, fortunately the 3G coverage is generally very good but there are some black spots. Lastly, when I make it home for a break it goes offline.