A Christmas Message

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m hoping for a quick turnaround in Queensland this morning so I can hoof it home for the one more sleep before that master logistician does his annual express run.

While you’re enjoying Christmas with family and friends spare a thought for those in the transport industry who aren’t able to make it, the drivers who are too far from home to get there, the ones that deliver the things we take for granted at this time of year and all the others that give up a Christmas  at home to open the road houses and those that try  to  keep our roads accident free.

Lastly a special thought for all the families who have an empty chair at the dining table this year because the driver in their life made the finally drop-off to that great DC in the sky.

Where ever you are, take care on the roads and have a truckin’ good Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Mat.

Christmas Cheer