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Diary of a truck driver logo‘Diary of a Truck Driver’ was originated to chronicle my adventures as a long distance truck driver travelling around Australia.

At 7.6 million square kilometres Australia is a big place and with a population of only about 21 million that’s around 89 acres each yet the Aussie dream is a 1/4 acre block in the suburbs.

I roam between capital cities and regional centres, travelling through four states in a 64.5 tonne, 620hp, 26 metre long B-double truck averaging around 5000 kilometres each week and burning a staggering 10,000 litres of diesel a month doing it. At that rate a 20 truck fleet burns an Olympic pool full of diesel every year.

My office is worth almost half a million dollars has an ever changing view and my job is to stare out the window for 14 hours a day. There’s a bit more to it but you’ll have to read the blog posts.

When I started ‘Diary of a Truck Driver’ it was just a place to share my thoughts, I never really imagined anyone would want to read it but as the hits have increased month after month the subscription list has grown with readers from all over the world. Not only has ‘Diary of a Truck Driver’ been featured in the print media it also holds a place in the National Archives.

With no particular goal at the outset the aim now is to, hopefully, share a bit of insight into life on the road and blow away a few stereotypes. The more people understand the safer it will be out here and we can all make it home.

Keep it safe,
Mat Dockerty

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